Free Damp Surveys For People Living with a disability in Bolton and Wigan

manchester damp proofing in association with wigan disability living boardDamp survey? Damp report? These terms come up all over the UK almost every day, if yoru buying a home, selling a home or you discover damp in your home you’ll need a damp survey from a reputable damp proofing company which will highlight all issues related to damp in your home and the treatment options availble to remedy said damp problems.

The problem is that damp surveys are quite expensive, often £250 + vat on the lower side of things but can stretch to £350 plus and most of us don’t buy and sell houses every day, so when a damp survey or damp report is asked for, people don’t know where to turn and that leaves them open to stress, confusion and many a time; poor service which often comes at a premium. Fortunately however a well known and highy regarded Damp proofing company based in Altrincham, Manchester Damp Proofing are very kindly offering completely free of charge, no obligation FREE damp surveys to homeowners in the Bolton & Wigan areas living with a disability.

What Exactly is a Damp Survey?

Damp is a very common issue in homes and commercial properties throughout the UK and affects a large number of homes. At the benign end of the scale it can be ‘something and nothing’, stains on ceilings due to slipped roof tiles or mould growth in the bathroom due to poor ventilation but at the other end of the scale, damp can cause real damage to properties resulting in rotted structural timbers, plasterwork failing and many a time making a house unsellable and homes unfit for habitation due to health concerns.

A damp survey is usually required due to a previous survey conducted by a valuer or building surveyor  which has picked up some issue or another related to water penetration, which the surveyor suggests needs to be investigated further which often means the home buyer, home seller or the homeowner as a general term is living in the property with damp issues will need to contact a professional damp proofing company for a full survey and report.

As mentioned above, damp surveys and damp reports are quite expensive and for thse living with a disability often unable to work finding the funds to have a damp survey undertaken can provde difficult especially considering that damp problems often become more apparent over the winter period close to or just after Chirstmas and when homeowners are spending more on heating and energy bills than thye would in the winter months. The fact that the Wigan disability partnership board have worked so hard to find a damp rpoofing company in the area with such a glowing reputation and that Manchester Damp Proofing are happy to wavier damp survey fees to help people in need to diagnose damp concerns in their homes is great news for all concerned! The company have damp advice pages on their website as well which will help you diagnose problems with damp in your home without even picking up a phone!