Keep Warm Through Winter With a High Efficiency Boiler Installation

Modern A Rated condensing boilers convert over 88% of fuel to heat comared with just under 78% with conventional boilers, condensing boilers retain as much owaste heat as possible which would otherwise be lost through the flue of conventional boilers and when it comes to Greater Manchester residents, particually those living with a disability keeping arm through the winter without breaking the bank is a win win situation. A plumbing and heating company in Hyde who specialise in high efficiency condensing boilers offer some great, independent advice below on the many benefits of homeowners installing a high efficiency boiler in their properties.

Why Are These Boilers so efficient?

Efficiencies with condensing boilers are achieved through an extra large heat exchanger or two heat exchangers on some models which maximises the heat transfered from the burner whilst recovering heat which would otherwise  be lost through the flue. Condensing boilers are always more efficient than conventional boilers due to the efficiency of the heat exchanger system.

How to buy a high efficiency condensing boiler?

You should first reach out to your local Energy Saving Trust Advice Centre  to find out if any grants are available for a new installation and make sure your installer is registered Gas Safe if your considering a Gas powered boiler or if your considering an oil boiler registered with OFTEC.

Makes & Models of Condensing Boiler

Look out for the Energy Saving Recommended logo when choosing a new boiler and remember that ratings are based on how much of the fuel the boiler consumes is converted into heat as a direct percentage. This rating system is called SEDBUK and the best rated is A Rated for boiler efficiency being more than 90% efficient. Only boilers which are A rated carry the energy saving recommended logo so be sure to look out for the logo when choosing a make and a model for your property. You can compare efficiency of different boilers at


The Wigan Disability Partnernship board i’m sure would be able to help homeowners in the Wigan area get further help with heating their homes in this winter. For those living with a disability in the Wigan area often, keeping warm through the winter can be a major challenge and we hope our blog here on Wiganldpb goes some way in assisting Wigan residents get further information and help on the range of problems they face in their homes.